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Hello everyone my name is Danielle Crane and I’m a typical college student, who loves to have fun. This blog is about music and how I feel it is so important. I believe music is important because it can be used as a healing power through emotions.  Times can be tough and people may think that they can’t survive it on their own and they go to different ways of resolving those issues that they have. There is no problem that can’t be managed, instead try listening or making music. Music can help you find the direction you need to get you on your feet once again. There are many other options that can be made so you don’t ruin your life.   To handle my stress, hardships, and when I feel happy or when I feel the world is coming down on my shoulders, I listen to music.

In helping you guide yourself back to normal, listening to music can help you maintain your mood so you do not over react. There are so many types of music and genres, songs, and artists to pick from. When I can connect my life completely with a song than that makes that song a great song to me. Songs that don’t have a meaning I feel are worthless. For example, when I have went through death of my best friend I just wanted to be by myself and listen to music. The song choices that I had were songs about how death isn’t the end of the road and that the deceased are in a better place now.   Those songs helped me realize not to be upset and grieve, but to be thankful that my friend isn’t in pain anymore. Music can change the way I’m feeling and when I think no one is going through the same thing as me, I can relate to the song so I don’t feel so alone . For example, the song “Breathe” by Taylor Swift is about how she feels when she ends a relationship with her boyfriend, and when that happened to me, I listened to that song and helped me cope with the situation.

 I love all types of music and although some songs are misjudged and genres are stereotypical. However, being involved with music that you can relate to the way you’re feeling or your lifestyle is the best feeling to have. Even though there are music critics that will love to say how wrong or how bad a music genre is, if you love it, stick with it. My blog will be about how important music is in life and in schools.   Music would help you regain the emotional gain you need or the stress reliever that your body needs. Music helped me, I’m sure it could help you cope as well in many different ways. Such making you healthier, connecting with emotions to songs, and ways that different music has an effect on us.

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Music and Its Impact on Students Education and Health

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This article, “Finding Inspiration in Middle School General Music”, written by Elizabeth Ann McAnally is about middle school music class and how music teachers inspire their students to strive to become better musically talented.  This article describes to the reader, probably a music teacher, how to keep learning music interesting to teens. For example, McAnally gives suggestions for lesson plans such as; learning about Bach and Beethoven but also about more recent artists including “Bob Marley, Angelique Kidjo, Anoushka Shankar, Heitor Villa-Lobos, John Cage, Scott Joplin, and Li Huan Zhi”. Another example is to keep changing the activities of what to do in class and also to teach them about the music as well as teaching them how to play. Middle school students can be inspired by music, when they finally accomplish a new instrument, or even learning about a specific genre of music that they find interesting.   When a student learns how to play an instrument well go to another instrument or learn other chords or more advanced skills. McAnally also explains how easy it is to motivate a middle school child to try something new, and to give them all sorts of encouragement. McAnally is telling music teachers how to keep their students wanting to learn more about music. She is giving more examples to teachers to help them find out what inspires their students. McAnally states, when students can connect with music you will see a great increase in the students’ life, and they will enjoy school because of music class and the overall academic level will increase.

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In this article, “Impact of Music Lyrics and Music Videos on Children and Youth”, written by Hoga, Marjorie, and Miriam Bar-on explain how music lyrics affect the lives and behaviors of children. These authors state that rock, heavy metal, and rap lyrics are usually about sex, drugs, and even suicide and homicide can be found in the lyrics to some of these songs. Rock is usually about sex and drugs while heavy metal music is usually lyrics about suicide. This article is stating how parents should take a look at what their children are purchasing and listening to. According to a study of the AAP, some records have a “Parental Advisory” sticker meaning that lyrics, that would be offensive, have been removed, but most teens wouldn’t buy that because of the parental advisory. Some pediatricians say that parents and educators should be more aware of what music their children are listening to. Also, this article talks about how music videos are creating flashbacks whenever a child listens to the song again, and is causing them to view the overdosing, sex, or killing(s) in their minds. So in our society the new generations of children seem to becoming more violent and rebel-like. This could be caused by the music that they listen to. It also strongly suggests parents and pediatricians to strongly encourage record labels and radios to be good role models and to advise everyone what content is within the song. This article just brings up the issue of teens and their violent music and that parents should more monitor what their children listen to.

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In this article, “Music and Health”, written by Harvard Men’s Health explain how music can improve people’s health. It describes how people with high blood pressure or hyperventilating, can listen to music and it will lower the heart rate and rate of respirations. Music has helped people who have had cataract surgery, stroke victims, and people who have had a heart attack or need cardiac surgery.  Music helped people who have had cataract surgery by an experiment that if the patient listened to self-chosen music before, during, and after had a better outcome and were more relaxed than the people who weren’t listening to music. Stroke victims who listened to music afterward but not audiobooks or silence, gained more memory and improved better by 60% than the other patients. Also with the idea of music and the brain, people who have had listened to Mozart before taking a test seemed to perform better on tests.  Another experiment showed people who needed heart surgery or have had a heart attack the improvement of listening to music after the incident causes to reduce stress greatly in the long run to help avoid another heart malfunction. Music also helps people who have depression; studies show if those people who have depression listen to music it can improve moods. People who were asked to listen to prayer, there was no improvement, but music chosen by the victim has less stress because of the music choice. This article also describes why people listen to music while they work out. It is said that there is a slight or even no enhancement, because it depends on the type of music the person is listening to. Also, studies show that music can help prevent the elderly falling. This article overall is including how music can be beneficial ways of how the body performs and how well it can improve with the self-chosen music.

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Schools Shouldn’t Cut Music Programs

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The article, Schools Cut Back Subjects to Push Reading and Math, written by Simon Dillon informs to the public why schools are cutting such programs. The schools are cutting because of budget costs, benchmark test low numbers, and student and faculty thoughts and opinions about the Federal law called No Child Left Behind, but I don’t feel that schools should be cutting music programs because music is important. Dillon includes examples of interview quotes from different people in the school faculty and students. He also explains about a federal law called No Child Left Behind Act which involves schools forcing students to take a benchmark test that contains math and reading. The schools that do poorly on this benchmark test have subjects being cut including science, history, and art/ music programs to better focus on math and reading all day.

The theory is that music programs are not essential and are a luxury, so schools doing poorly get somewhat punished because the school day consists of math and reading and no electives. Dillon includes examples of where the students have 5 or 6 classes a day and it’s mostly a day of all reading and math. Dr. Reese explains about the education law, “Because of its emphasis on testing and accountability in particular subjects, it apparently forces some school districts down narrow intellectual paths.” Dr. Reese also states, “If a subject is not tested, why teach it?” So Dillon is not taking sides if he believes to cut school subjects or not he is just explaining that the issue is around.

I don’t feel that school districts should be cutting music programs because music is very important for students to be able to learn better. From personal experience I am a visual and auditory learner, so when music is being played in the background I can better understand what I’m reading. When I’m told in lectures about a topic I learn better when movies and art are involved. Another personal experience that I have is that my one friend in high school found her musical talents of playing the piano, keyboard, and guitar inspired by a music teacher in high school. Having music in schools will help students learn in other ways rather than writing and reading. Music will help students learn better in other subjects as well, so music programs should stay in schools. Music is also important because students can feel accomplished when they master how to play an instrument with the inspiration of a music teacher.

Another reason to keep music programs in school is that music is very important in health as well. The article, “Music and Health”, written by Harvard Men’s Health, describes how music can help regain memory after a stroke. It also explains when people go under a cataract surgery and listen to self-chosen music before, during, and after it creates better results and they seem to be more relaxed during the process of surgery than the people who didn’t listen to any music. Music is so important to people in general, it is the best way to calm down and help you relax because it slows down your heart rate and respiration rate. Therefore learning music in school will help students learn ways to reduce stress in their lifetime.


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How Music Videos Affect Society

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Many people are getting involved with the controversial debate of the provocativeness of music videos. The young middle school and high school students in America seem to look up to all types’ celebrities as role models. However, this isn’t a good thing most of the time because most celebrities are bad role models, they drink too much or use drugs, or they can be sexually explicit in videos. The music industry and the musicians wouldn’t agree with me because this is how they are making their money, and selling their products to consumers. However, I believe that music videos should be monitored better before the song, lyrics, and music video goes on air. Many music videos are provocative because women are nude in many videos and the media would say that it’s their choice of what they want to do and the choice of the population to watch the videos. This is making society believe that women are used as sex objects and they degrade women. Music videos are changing the way society thinks about gender, and it negatively affects both men and women.

The article, “Hip-Hop Portrayal of Women Being Protested.”, is about an African American woman, Asha Jennings, who believes that hip-hop music is degrading to women because they are being looked as sex objects.  Jennings is trying to get society to think about African American women not as sluts but as regular human beings. For example, Jennings states that music videos is showing that, “black women are bitches and hos and sluts and not worthy of respect, and that’s how society is treating us.” She threatened to protest an event which had Nelly, a celebrity rapper, and his songs are degrading to women themselves. For example, “You lookin’ good in them shorts but they look better on the floo’,” is one of the lyrics in Nelly’s song, this is an example that women are looked at as sex objects. 

Another article, “Nudity in Music Videos”, has a chart starting from the year 1978 with the artist Queen, to present. This article has a list of songs that contain a variety of ways that nudity appears in videos. For example in the music video, “The Sun by The Naked and Famous”, has a description of nudity that says, “A couple engages in intercourse as a camera shows various angles. Only breasts are shown.” The musicians or the music producers think that showing a woman’s private parts will attract more consumers because male parts aren’t being shown. This is proving that the music producers’ perception of women is that they are sex objects and men are not. This is occurring in music videos where small children and young teens can see their role models having sex or lots of nudity because young children are not yet mature enough to understand or to have the thought of sexuality. Teens are noticing their role models being sex objects and inferior to men, which should not be the mind state of a teen. The music videos change the affect people view women, so teens shouldn’t get the idea that women should be sex objects and that men are more dominate. 

The article, “MTV Portrays Women as Sex Objects”, written by, Karen Vanegas, is about saying that the reason why women want be nude in music videos is because they are the ones that are the selling point for buyers. According to Vanegas, these women aren’t being forced to be provocative they choose to be. So the music industry is making money because the women want to be provocative in the music video. Other women in the US buy these songs or albums that are making the MTV music industry rich. These negative aspects of women are being sold by men and women consumers that are helping the music industry to get money. Vanegas states, women are being looked as sex objects in these music videos that the music industry in making a huge profit. So I believe if no woman wanted to be provocative in music videos MTV would lose money and hopefully change what is shown in music videos.  I believe if people stopped buying the albums that have a lot of nudity maybe the music industry will change its ways as to women not being portrayed as sex objects.

In addition to, the nudity is usually women being the subject, but men are also being pictured in a problematic way.  In the article, “Portrayal of Men in Music Videos”, written by, Lucy Low, men are being looked as powerful and dominating women. Low states that men in music videos are being portrayed as strong, dominate, and superior to women. Also if men don’t have the “look” they will be looked down upon. The “look” is to be buffed out with muscles all over the body and have abs. The men that don’t have this body shape or type become very insecure about themselves. The male celebrities should be looked upon their talents and not how they look on screen. If looks didn’t matter as much as their actual talent the public would have a better self-esteem.

Another reason the music industry should watch what they are putting out there is the fact of binge drinking and other usage of drugs. The article, “How Music Videos Promote Binge Drinking”, written by, Doreen Umutesi, seems to say that the celebrities in music videos are drinking beers, or hard liquor. For the younger teens they are watching their idols drink at parties, so they believe that is the “cool” thing to do. Music industry is intentionally showing teenagers that the best way to have fun is to drink alcohol, as they show in the music videos. Umutesi assumes that there are more teens drinking because of the music videos, however some teens will drink just to drink the alcohol, and not have a connection with the music videos. Umutesi states that teens see celebrities having a party and the only “fun” thing to do is to drink alcohol at the party. The music videos are sending a negative message to teens because in the videos sometimes the celebrity is throwing a drug and alcohol party; so teens may think that drugs and alcohol is the “cool” thing to do to have fun.

Overall, the celebrities and the music industry should be more careful of what they put out to the public because many young teens watch music videos and listen to music a lot. To not completely destroy the young minds and behaviors of teens in the United States, make a change by stop buying the provocative music. If the music industry isn’t making a profit they might change their ways. Also parents should be aware of what types of music their kids are listening to and be role models themselves.

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